Land Analysis / Mapping

Our land and site resource mapping services include ecological systems mapping, land mapping, environmental constraints, environmental resources, adaptation planning, and sea level rise. Additionally, our services include graphic visualization to support our design process and deliverables.

Land Analysis Mapping

  • Topography analysis and mapping 
  • Elevation and slope analysis
  • Aspect analysis
  • Viewshed analysis
  • Soils analysis

Opportunity & Constraints Mapping

  • Hydrological analysis¬†
  • Habitat suitability and connectivity
  • Greenway and blueway priority¬†
  • Land-based solar opportunity optimization
  • Development cost premium analysis
  • Riparian Corridor Analysis
  • Microclimate Modeling
  • Fire Resilience (see Infrastructure Services)

Graphic Visualization

  • Technical graphics
  • Water systems visualization
  • Land analysis & constraints mapping
  • Complex geometry modeling & volume analysis
  • Drone aerial 2D survey & 3D digital surface model
  • 2D, 3D & 4D Technical Graphics
  • VR & AR Visualization Methods
  • Sea level rise & flood potential analysis
  • Infrastructure diagramming

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