Ecological Systems

Our ecological engineering services include watershed management planning, ecosystem engineering, integrated systems engineering, and living infrastructure engineering.

Ecological Baseline Assessment 

  • Site analysis, opportunities and constraints plans 
  • Hydrology assessment
  • Ecological framework establishment
  • Aquifer, soils, vegetation, biota, hydrology

Ecological System Establishment / Restoration /Adaptation / Resilience

  • Habitat suitability assessment and biodiversity enrichment
  • Restoration priority plans 
  • Habitat suitability plans
  • Node and network habitat plans
  • Application of ecological analogues 
  • Development of coastal resilience strategies based on natural/engineering systems performance

Engineered Open Space 

  • Networks for high performance, user experience and aesthetics
  • Land forming strategies
  • Riparian corridor re-establishment 
  • Blueway and Greenway plans
  • Multi Use trails

Stormwater Network / Watershed Restoration Planning

  • Natural pattern replication for stormwater systems and watershed restoration
  • LID /BMP design, layout and O&M plans 

Green Infrastructure Design

  • Landscape and architectural integration of Green Infrastructure

Water Resources and Hydrology Engineering (see Water Resources Services)

Waterway Engineering: Restored Streams, Wetlands, Canal Networks, Levees

  • Waterway design: Plans, Sections, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Restoration, Enhancement 

Fire Resilience (see Infrastructure Services)

Decision Support 

  • Cost-based alternatives analysis
  • Sustainable opportunities decision making support
  • Design innovation integration, system optimization
  • Costing analysis, system feasibility, pro-forma development, ROI and payback analysis 

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