Sustainable Systems

Multi-disciplinary design advancement of critical systems.  Our Innovation Lab supports engineering projects and develops high performance site and living infrastructure designs. 

Charrettes + Workshops

Design Alternatives & Decision Making

  • Constraints and opportunities report
  • Triple bottom line / cost benefit analysis
  • Sustainable opportunities decision making support
  • Design innovation integration, system optimization
  • Costing analysis, system feasibility, pro-forma development, ROI and payback analysis

Engineering Support

  • Performative ecology that restores natural function and process to inform and enhance entitlements, sustainability, and public engagement
  • Site resources and ecology assessment
  • District infrastructure support
  • Technology assessment & evaluation
  • Living infrastructure
    • Living roof and podium systems
  • Pond and wetland systems design
  • Water and wastewater system optimization
  • Rainwater harvesting and greywater design and permitting

Integrated Resource Planning (Water, Waste, Energy, Materials and Carbon)

  • Adaptable Infrastructure Platform with Bolt On Technologies (AIP/BOT’s) with real time monitoring and control systems that plug into SMART City applications
  • Resource and waste recovery
  • Integrated agriculture systems and input resources analysis 
  • Water system optimization with other systems
  • Energy utility infrastructure systems
  • Local material sourcing opportunities
  • Material analysis and embodied carbon
  • Renewable energy opportunities
  • Carbon sequestration and management plans

Technical Reports

  • Schematic process flows
  • Systems engineering presentation
  • Sustainable systems feasibility report
  • Opinion of probable cost
  • Technical reports

Policy and Rating Systems Development

  • Design guidelines, policy recommendations
  • Frameworks / Sustainability Plans
  • Rating systems  – Full Assessment Envision, LEED, Sustainable Sites initiative, Living Building Challenge, One Planet Living, Eco-District

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