Pioneering positive impact through the design and implementation of sustainable infrastructure.

“Our choices have significant impact. We can no longer place ourselves above nature. We have to operate beside, as stewards.”


Oak Knoll Resort
A new highly sustainable hospitality in a prominent Napa Valley site.

Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley
Transformational improvements to a historic theatre dating back to 1903.

Harmony Union School District
Campus site upgrades that included nature based learning programs.

843 N Spring Street
A renovated and expanded office building in Los Angeles’s Chinatown.

New Opening of Napa Office
Sherwood expanding our North Bay presence to better serve our clients.

Our Voices: Vincent Hart-Tinsley
Staff highlight of Vincent Hart-Tinsley, an engineer in our Petaluma Office.

Sherwood Design Engineers is a civil engineering firm motivated by art, innovation, and the environment.