Our infrastructure services start with entitlements support and overall system planning. Our services include resilient infrastructure, entitlements, approvals support, eco-district implementation, system integration, climate proofing, coastal protection, and sea level rise. Our infrastructure engineering services include flood management, district utilities, green streets, green infrastructure, water resources, hydrology, water reuse, and waterway engineering.

Policy and Rating Systems Development

  • Design Guidelines + Policy Recommendations
  • Frameworks / Sustainability Plans
  • Rating Systems – Full Assessment (Envision, LEED, Living Building Challenge, One Planet Living, Eco-District)

Utility System Layout & Optimization

  • Option Development / Decision Support

Infrastructure Engineering Design and Sustainable Infrastructure System Integration

  • Backbone, campus, district and site-scale infrastructure design
  • Design of water, wastewater/sewer, power/energy, sewer, recycled water, stormwater, circulation, communications systems
  • Infrastructure impact and system capacity analysis
  • Sustainable infrastructure strategy alignment
  • Climate resilient future-proofing analysis

Costing Support for Infrastructure Alternatives 

  • Decision Support / Costing Analysis / System Feasibility / Pro-Forma Development, CBA, ROI, Payback Analysis / Developing Metrics / Basis For Design / System Optimization

Climate Resilience Planning 

  • Climate Change, Sea Level Rise Impact, Coastal and Flooding Dynamics, Climate Proofing, Design Response (landscape/site-based systems)
  • Strategy & Decision Making Tool for Urban Development Response and Natural Resource Protection

Fire Resilience Planning 

  • Planning
    • Fire Risk Assessments
    • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
    • GIS Mapping and Fuels studies
    • Access and Egress studies
    • Fuel mitigation strategies
    • Fire Response Easements
    • Place and Built Water Storage and Conveyance
    • Forest Health Plans
    • Wildfire and wildland urban interface (WUI) resilience strategies
  • General Plans
    • Fire Adapted Communities in WUI
    • Evacuation Corridors
    • Commercial Site Plans for WUI (Wineries and Hospitality)
  • Fire Resilience, and Post Fire Remediation
    • Forest Health and Burn Scar Remediation
    • California Climate Investments grant support (Cal Fire, Cal Fire Safe Council)
    • FEMA – BRIC and HMGP -grant support and BCA

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