Sites and Buildings

Our civil engineering services include documentation for buildings, parks, public spaces and other project types. Our documentation covers grading, drainage, hardscape, streets, stormwater, site materials, utilities, water systems, wastewater, and wetland engineering.

Basis of Design

Public ROW Improvements 

  • Roads, sidewalks, utility connections

Site Layout Engineering 

  • Infrastructure Improvement

Vehicle circulation Engineering

  • paving / striping / trash / transformers

Hardscape Engineering

  • Driveways, parking, sidewalks, ADA improvements

Grading Design and Engineering 

  • Site-sensitive grading design analysis
  • Sustainable earthwork planning (carbon/ cost optimization)
  • Grading plan documentation 

Drainage Engineering

  • Site drainage plans
  • Wall and under-slab/sub- drainage design

Stormwater Management Engineering

(See Water Resources – Hydrology services for more info)

  • Plan and compliance documentation 
  • SWPPP, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Utility Engineering

  •  Water, Sewer, Storm, Gas, Electric, Fire Suppression, Fire Water

Water Reuse/ Water Capture

  • Rainwater harvesting, cisterns, water storage
  • Water systems for reuse 
  • Recycled water system design
  • Purple pipe/dual plumbing
  • Graywater / blackwater system design

Living Systems Engineering 

  • Wetlands, green roofs, living walls, green infrastructure

Erosion & Sediment Control Engineering

Materials, Specifications, Site Details 

Site Demolition Plan Documentation

Code Compliance and Agency Coordination

Construction Administration

Rating Systems Coordination and Documentation

  • Envision, LEED, Sustainable Sites, Living Building 

Decision Support 

  • Cost-based alternatives analysis
  • Sustainable opportunities decision making support
  • Design innovation integration, system optimization
  • Costing analysis, system feasibility, pro-forma development, ROI and payback analysis

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