Water Resources

Water resources  services include integrated water planning,  hydrology, water system design, water reuse, wastewater, and wetland engineering.

Integrated Water Utility Infrastructure Systems

  • Water Supply Plans for: Potable, irrigation, rain, fire, gray, black, purple pipe, reuse.
  • Wet utility routing plans 
  • Site water balance
  • Rainwater Harvesting and Reuse 

Advanced Water System Reuse Integration

  • Net-Zero / Net-positive water viability assessment and delivery
  • Focus on high performing landscape & building systems
  • Alternative Water Systems / Water Reuse
  • Sustainable Water System Plans, Calcs and Details

Potable Water System Design – Urban and Rural Water System Design

  • Integrated Water System Planning
  • Water Engineering Planning and Design for Source Development, Water Conveyance, Storage Facilities, Treatment and Distribution
  • Water Treatment Plant Design and Optimization
  • Watershed Assessment
  • Water Distribution Modeling
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction Support Services

Wastewater Systems and Onsite Treatment

  • Wastewater and Reuse Feasibility Studies
  • Wastewater and Recycling Water System Design
  • Wastewater Facility Analysis and Upgrade Studies
  • Conjunctive Use and Multi-Source Blending and 
  • Water Quality Management
  • System Control And Data Aquisition (SCADA) Planning and Design
  • Engineering Economic Analysis
  • Construction Support Services

Treatment Wetland Design

  • Free Surface Water Wetlands
  • Vertical and Horizontal Subsurface flow/surface flow constructed wetlands
  • Stormwater Wetlands

Regional Watershed Assessment

  • Climate resilience planning 
  • Water resource and water network evaluation
  • Aquifer assessment and groundwater recharge opportunities
  • Local hydrology pattern assessment

Hydrology Services

  • Flood protection planning / SWMM Storm Water Management Modelling
  • Regional, city, district and building scale planning and storm facility design
  • Hydrology Investigation: Site Inventory and Data Analysis
  • Engineering assessment of waterways and connected floodplains to address flooding risk
  • Enhancement opportunities connected to flood prevention design
  • FEMA / Hazard Mitigation Flood Grant Program engineering calculations, eligibility, and stakeholder alignment for FEMA funding
  • Overall watershed restoration design / ecosystem management 
  • Wildlife crossing infrastructure feasibility 
  • Integrated hydrology, flood management and infrastructure
  • Estimates of engineering costs 

Ponds, Lakes, Streams – Open Water Systems Design

  • Engineering of open water systems
  • Restoration and environmental engineering support

Decision Support 

  • Cost-based alternatives analysis
  • Sustainable opportunities decision making support
  • Design innovation integration, system optimization
  • Costing analysis, system feasibility, pro-forma development, ROI and payback analysis 

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