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Our planning services include resilient infrastructure, entitlements, approvals support, eco-district implementation, system integration, climate proofing, coastal protection, and sea level rise.

Civil engineering services are flood management, district utilities, green streets, green infrastructure, water resources, hydrology, water reuse, and waterway engineering.

  • LEED, Living Building Challenge, One Planet Living, Eco-District Integrated Design
  • Integration Decision Support / Costing Analysis / System Feasibility / Pro-Forma Development, CBA, ROI, Payback Analysis / Developing Metrics / Basis For Design / System Optimization Entitlements & Plan Approval Support
  • Resilient Infrastructure Design & Sustainable Infrastructure System
  • Climate Change, Sea Level Rise Impact, Coastal & Flooding Dynamics Climate Proofing, Design Response (landscape/site-based systems)
  • Flood Mitigation Strategies, Flooding Assessment, Erosion Control
  • District Infrastructure / Campus Utility
  • Design / Eco-District Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Impact Studies
  • Green Streets Design Framework, Sustainable Street Approach, Horizontal Green Infrastructure
  • Road Alignments, Roadway Profiles; Street / Sidewalk / Pathway Sections; Parking
  • Innovative Streetscape Design, Plan Development
  • High-Density Circulation Infrastructure
  • Green Infrastructure Design
  • Water Resources & Site Hydrology Engineering
  • Water Reuse & Blending System Engineering
  • Waterway Engineering: Restored Streams, Canal Networks, Levees


Our civil engineering services include grading, drainage, hardscape, streets, stormwater, site materials, site utilities, water systems, wastewater, and wetland engineering.

  • Design Innovation, Sustainable Opportunity Modeling
  • Site Layout Plan (Vehicle Circulation Paving / Striping / Trash / Transformers)
  • Grading & Drainage (Includes Stormwater Management Plans)
  • Utility Plan (Water, Sewer, Storm, Gas, Electric, Fire Suppression, Fire Water)
  • Rainwater Harvesting, Cisterns, Water Storage
  • Erosion Control Plan
  • Site Demolition Plan
  • Code Compliance & Agency Coordination
  • Construction Administration
  • Stream Restoration & Environmental Engineering
  • Living Systems Design (Green Roof, Living Wall, Other Ecology on Structure, Green Infrastructure)
  • Water Systems For Reuse (Including Recycled Purple Pipe/Dual Plumbing)
  • Decision Support/ Costing Analysis / System Feasibility / Pro-Forma Development, CBA, ROI, Payback Analysis / Developing Metrics / Basis For Design / System Optimization
  • Public Road / Infrastructure Improvement
  • Driveways, Parking, Sidewalks, ADA Improvements
  • Underslab Drainage Design
  • LEED Documentation & Support
  • Materials, Specifications, Site Details


Our ecological services include ecosystem engineering, systems integration engineering, and living infrastructure engineering (e.g. habitat, wetlands, roofs, and walls).

  • Ecological Baseline Assessment (Aquifer, Soils, Vegetation, Biota, Hydrology)
  • Ecological System Restoration & Habitat Suitability Assessment & Biodiversity Enrichment
  • Engineered Open Space Network For High Performance & Aesthetics, Open Space Land Forming Strategies
  • Waterspace Forming Strategies
  • LID Stormwater Network Planning
  • Developing Metrics / Basis For Design / System Optimization


Watershed health services include hydrology, water balance, water system design, water reuse, wastewater, and wetland engineering.

  • Regional Watershed Assessment
  • Aquifer Assessment & Groundwater Recharge Opportunities
  • Urban & Rural Water System Design
  • Local Hydrology Pattern Assessment
  • Site Water Balance
  • Advanced Water System Reuse Integration, Focus On High Performing Landscape & Building Systems
  • Alternative Water Systems / Water Reuse
  • Water Utility Infrastructure Systems
  • Wastewater Systems & Onsite Treatment
  • Wetland Treatment Design
  • Costing Support / System Feasibility / Pro-Forma Development, CBA, ROI, Payback Analysis / Developing Metrics / Basis For Design  / System Optimization


Our land and site resource mapping services include ecology, slope, environmental constraints, environmental resources, adaptation, and sea level rise.

  • Topography Analysis / Mapping / Hillshade
  • Elevation & Slope Analysis
  • Aspect Analysis
  • Viewshed Analysis
  • Solar Coverage
  • Soils Analysis
  • Hydrological Analysis / Extended Hydrology
  • Blueway Priority
  • Habitat Suitability & Refinement
  • Greenway Priority / Habitat Connectivity / Greenway Priority Overlay
  • Development Cost Premium Analysis


Sustainable systems consulting services are integrated planning for water, carbon, energy, waste and resource recovery, agriculture, LEED, Living Building, and One Planet Living.

  • Integrated Resource Planning, Water, Waste, Energy, Material Systems & Carbon Analysis
  • Renewable Energy Opportunities
  • Energy Utility Infrastructure Systems
  • Local Material Sourcing Opportunities
  • Material Analysis & Embodied Carbon
  • Resource & Waste Recovery
  • Integrated Agriculture Strategies
  • Carbon Sequestration & Management Plans