Jekyll Island Carrying Capacity Study

Sherwood Design Engineers worked with Sandy County Studios, site solutions and economics design team members to present the Jekyll Island Authority with an assessment of the infrastructure and carrying capacity of Jekyll Island. The goal of the project was to determine the number of people, vehicles and development that the island could accommodate while still maintaining its unique quality. This work involved close coordination with the Jekyll Island Authority personnel, utilities/facilities engineers and board members to identify and map the existing infrastructure systems in place, evaluate and identify the existing areas of reduced capacity and analyze future opportunities that could exist when considering future growth on the island. This analysis uncovered and identified economic opportunities, maintenance reduction strategies, utility upgrade solutions aligned with efficiency improvements and sustainability approaches that could help to maintain the island’s character while allowing for increased infrastructure capabilities.

LocationJekyll Island, GA
ClientJekyll Island Authority
Sand County Studios
Size4,400 Acres
StatusCompleted 2018

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