North First Street

Sherwood worked with Gensler on the eco-district campus design of this LEED-ND multi-building development in urban San Jose. The campus has been master-planned with sustainability integrated into the project design. The site incorporates landscape forms that function as gathering spaces, stormwater treatment zones and reestablished local ecosystems. Through the balance of five principal elements: Water, Energy, Ecology, Material and Community, Sherwood and the design team have maximized the opportunity for resource stewardship and community connectivity. Central to the site development is the integration and restoration of ecological systems. The project serves to be a model for cutting-edge corporate campus development worldwide.

Map of Site Plan
Proposed Sustainable Strategies Across the Campus
Water Flow Diagram for a Zero Potable Water System
Campus Commons | Image Gensler
Urban Plaza Rendering | Image Gensler
LocationSan Jose, CA
ClientLowe Enterprises
Gensler, SWA Group
Size43 Acres

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