New Project: The Government of Jamaica Houses of Parliament

February 27, 2019

Sherwood is excited to be a member of the wining team to perform civil engineering and design services for The Government of Jamaica Houses of Parliament to be constructed in Kingston’s National Heroes Park, edging out over 23 international design teams. In collaboration with the architect, Hines A+D, our design vision extended far beyond the beauty and simplicity of the structure and goes miles beyond the building envelope. Our team recognized the opportunity to positively transform the capacity of the local design, engineering, and construction community through hands-on collaboration and education. Our design proposes a district-wide green infrastructure plan that utilizes the site to add substantial infrastructure capapcity to the water, wastewater, stormwater, and energy network within Kingston. With the proposed improvements (water reuse, rainwater harvesting, waterwater treatment, regional water detetion and distribution) the entire district adjacent to the Houses of Parliament will realize a cost savings by exchanging everything from wastewater to stormwater runoff with our system.

“Out of Many, One People” presents a clear, memorable and compelling proposition. The demands of the complex programme are elegantly resolved. Notably this scheme also addresses the site’s water management establishing the proposal as a critical addition to the ecology of its domain through a propositional study of how the stormwater from the National Heroes Park impacts the current stormwater system of the surrounding communities. The clearly articulated plan forms a part of the landscaping proposal to capture/reuse water integrated with the reflection wall/pool.  -The Government of Jamaica Houses of Parliament Final Jury Report

Check out our team’s submission using the following link: