Atlanta’s Habitat for Humanity

by Jim Remlin | April 10, 2023

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity’s Browns Mill Village community provides safe, affordable homeownership opportunities for families in South Atlanta. This community is centered around an open space that was master planned and designed by Sherwood Design Engineers to promote passive and active engagement for future neighbors, re-establish a headwater tributary of the South River and clean stormwater runoff through natural systems integration. Within this space, artist Jonathan Keats and Flux Projects conceived a land art installation called The Erosion of Time. The installation will showcase a series of calendar stones which will be displayed within the development’s center square. Each stone will have an incremental year carved into it.  These dates will be erased over time by the flowing water which will pass over each stone during future rain events. The work will provide an inter-generational indicator of environmental change and help to promote sensitivity to the South River and all watersheds within the Metro Atlanta region. The project weaves together natural systems, ecological restoration, watershed sensitivity, art and education in a way that can be told for generations to come.

Header Image: Illustration of pedestrian circulation, creek restoration and the integration of The Erosion of Time Installation through the site.

Above: Images a site visit in early April 2023

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