BQ Expressway to BQ Park

by Tom Jost | February 27, 2020

The architects at BIG saw an opportunity – how to think about infrastructure reinvestment as a way to create great urban space. They developed Brooklyn Queen Park (BQP), replacing the exposed elevated triple highway cantilever along Brooklyn’s BQE expressway with an expansion of Brooklyn Bridge Park. This imaginative, transformative and highly buildable alternative has been embraced by the local community as the right way to think about solutions for the aging highway. Sherwood is working with BIG, Arcadis, Michael Van Valkenburg Associates, Nelson Nygaard Consulting Associates, Vijai Associatesm, Ed Kamerer and others to design this compelling approach to city building which has been noted in a recent study commissioned by the New York City Council as the least costly of two viable solutions for the replacement of the Triple Cantilever of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE).

Existing Site Condition of the BQE

Proposed Scenerio 1 BQE > BQP : Repair (Image BIG)

Proposed Scenerio 2 BQE > BQP : Replace (Image BIG)