UC Berkeley Lower Sproul

For one of the largest redevelopment projects on the campus, Sherwood joined as Civil Engineer with a high-powered design team to re-envision the main entrance and social corridor to UC Berkeley. In addition to the redesign of the Lower Sproul Plaza, the project included complete redesign and replacement of the existing Eshleman Hall and renovation of Martin Luther King Student Union Center and Chavez Student Center.  Sherwood developed all civil engineering documents including grading and drainage plans, utility infrastructure, rainwater harvesting, and stormwater management plans. In addition to the building and site improvements, Sherwood developed a separate set of documents for streetscape improvements along Bancroft Way. These improvements included low impact development elements such as pervious paving and silva cells within the City of Berkeley right of way.

Aerial Photo of Lower Sproul Plaza | Bruce Damonte Photography
Lower Sproul Redevelopment was a student & faculty led initiative to improve the plaza.
A diagram for the proposed water reuse system on-site
Ecological fabric for how stormwater is managed across the plaza before it is discharge into Strawberry Creek.
Potential Water Reuse Network
Raingarden for Stormwater Management
Image Bruce Damonte Photography
Image Bruce Damonte Photography

LocationBerkeley, CA
ClientUniversity of California, Berkeley
Moore Ruble Yudell,

Size1.2 Acres
StatusCompleted 2015

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