Sherwood participated in a design competition for the development of a coastal waterfront development in Far Rockaway, Queens. This competition was focused on the integration of innovative strategies in order to plan, design and construct a resilient and sustainable coastal development on Rockaway Peninsula. This competition arose from an initiative to address the need for sustainable approaches to future coastal developments which combat sea level rise, flood surge and severe weather conditions brought on by climate change. Sherwood helped to understand floodplain areas along the coast as well as the design elevations required for protection from future flooding and flood surge. In turn, Sherwood collaborated with the design team to strategically locate different design elements of the proposed development, such that the hardscape and softscape elements were aligned with a hierarchy of flooding. The final design included a natural wetland system, breakwaters to be integrated along the coast to mitigate sea level rise and wave action and a stormwater design component built into the landscape that was designed to be both restorative and protective.

Site Program
LocationQueens, New York
Size7 Acres
StatusDesign Competition 2013

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