Tanggu Riverfront Park

Sherwood and Hargreaves Associates collaborated to develop an 80-acre park along the Haihe River in the heart of the Tanggu Disctrict of Tianjin. Sherwood advanced the civil engineering components of the design through the development of the project. Haihe River Ribbon Park has been designed with the rainwater infrastructure integrated into the landscape to maximize its function while achieving the desired aesthetic. The rainwater practices implemented into the design include vegetated swales, exposed gravel channels, slot drains, rain gardens and more. These practices aid to control rainwater runoff flows, decreasing erosion and improving water quality. In addition to providing the conveyance of rainwater through the park, selected portions of the park are designed to direct rainwater runoff into grade rainwater storage systems that will provide a renewable source of water for non-potable reuse. The storage systems are located within high runoff paved areas and integrated with the existing concrete slab for stability and support.

Riverfront Wetland
LocationTianjin, China
ClientCity of Tianjin
Hargreaves Associates
Size80 Acres
StatusCompleted 2016

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