San Francisco, California

Client, Inc. San Francisco Corporate Campus Design.

Design Partners

Flad Architecture Tom Leader Studio Andrea Cochran Landscape Architects


14 Acres


Service Complete 2012

About this Project

In the heart of the Mission Bay redevelopment area, Sherwood helped turn a former abandoned industrial warehouse building and railyard into a 300,000 square foot, six-story core-and-shell office building that became the beginning of a biotech cluster. We coordinated the as-built survey of the 1.9 acre site; designed sewer, domestic water, reclaimed water, and storm drain utilities for the building, prepared construction documents for submittal of civil utility plans to the City of San Francisco, and oversaw construction administration of the project. In coordination with the design team, we engineered a landscape drainage system that uses gravel bands and perforated pipe network to improve stormwater filtration and run-off from the site.