Tyson Howard

EIT | Project Manager

Tyson Howard serves as Project Engineer at Sherwood and has worked on a variety of projects ranging from small residential subdivision utility designs to large civic center master plans. He has extensive experience in planning and site layout design, grading, drainage, utility design, stormwater management, and mapping. Tyson is integral in the coordination on his projects, working closely with municipalities, and the rest of design team to complete complex utility routing and design in sensitive zones. Prior to joining Sherwood, Tyson designed and/or built 30+ residential homes throughout Northern California. He also has an extensive background in land surveying and has personally completed a tentative and final parcel map.

Fun Facts: Tyson works best in a dynamic, fast paced environment and always strives for efficiency. He loves being outdoors and constantly welcomes adventure. Just recently, he traveled to Russia for the world cup following the Polish national team.

Top Projects: