Sam McGarey

Director of Business Development

Sam McGarey has 17 years of experience working in the architecture, engineering and construction industry purely as a business development professional. He grew up in a family of architects and following his studies moved to Shenzhen, China to manage the companies Asia Pacific & Middle East growth for nine years. In 2015, he moved back to the United States with his wife and two kids. By joining Sherwood, Sam fulfilled his mission to be a part of a firm that prioritizes the integration of native ecology into the built environment. Sam excels when strategizing to build multi-disciplined teams that can provide turnkey solutions for global development projects that span a wide range of typologies and scales.

Fun Facts: Starting at the age of 8, Sam spent 13 summers taking expedition canoe trips North to some of Canada’s most remote lakes and rivers. He has logged 313 days on the water covering more than 3,900 miles.

Favorite Projects: