UCSC Quarry Amphitheater

Sherwood supported the Office of Cheryl Barton during the Feasibility Study and Programming Effort in the initial phase of the Quarry’s renovation, and reconstruction. Sherwood led the site’s civil grading, utilities, and preliminary drainage including conformance of requirements for university stormwater. The team preformed a thorough evaluation of the site, including the cultural landscape and ADA accessibility performance. The design was taken through the preliminary level and taken to construction by the Design-Build team.

Illustrated map of the site. | Image Office of Cheryl Barton

The powerful views of the quarry from the amphitheater, and the containing embrace of the dense redwood forest create a powerful experience, even today. This experience coupled with the memories of significant campus events that took place here, make this site a very special and deeply loved place on campus.

Historical Context of the Site | Image Office of Cheryl Barton
LocationSanta Cruz, CA
ClientUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Office of Cheryl Barton
Size3.5 Acres, 154,460 GSF
StatusCompleted 2017

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