Playa Grande

Along the limestone cliffs and sweeping beaches of the Dominican Republic’s northern coastline, we have been working with an array of architects and developers to plan and design a several hundred hectare resort community including themed neighborhoods centered around world class golf, tennis and equestrian. We have been strategically involved in all elements of the design from GIS based site analysis to roadway and infrastructure design with a specific focus on resource management and environmental stewardship. Our work included strategy development for minimizing the carbon and water footprint through the use of alternative fuels and the large scale collection, natural treatment and reuse of greywater, blackwater and rainwater. This was all tied together through a natural systems plan that preserved the lush and diverse landscape and established permanent connections to the regional ecosystem.

Overview of the Project Site Area | Image Hart | Howerton
Sensitive Road Design | Image Hart | Howerton
LocationPlaya Grande, Dominican Republic
ClientDolphin Capital
Hart | Howerton
Size100+ Acres
StatusPlanning Complete

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