Nanhu Wetlands

Just south of Shanghai, Sherwood Design Engineers is working with the city of Jiaxing on a truly innovative urban development that combines residential and agricultural land uses. The project site totals 11.5 square kilometers of farmland and mixed-use villages, served by 50 hectares of treatment wetlands, which interface gracefully into a variety of urban and agricultural areas. Sherwood served as Master Engineer, overseeing a team of planners, scientists, and engineers to design every detail of these wetlands to work as a whole system, purifying the district’s contaminated canal water and improving environmental quality. Sherwood’s work in raising the quality of the district’s water resources serves the community by allowing the local canal to serve its original function as a source for irrigation and by supporting public health and wildlife habitat, thus providing China with a working model of a visible, functional, and attractive infrastructure of public green spaces and ecological services.

Overall Site Map
Wetland Section Detail
Artistic rendering of site featuring canals that connect the surrounding wetlands to the residential areas of the city.

LocationJiaxing, China
ClientCity of Jiaxing
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Size123 Acres
StatusCompleted 2011

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