Advancing Water Reuse in the San Francisco Bay Area

by Amelia Luna | September 14, 2020

Sherwood’s Staff, Amelia Luna, participated in a two day workshop in December 2019 led by the Bay Area One Water Network alongside a multidisciplinary group of experts to discuss advancing strategies for water reuse in the San Francisco Bay Area (Bay Area). This report provides a framework for regional approaches for water management practices focused on advancing sustainable and resilient water systems. The workshop helped to identify possible opportunities that included the implementation of centralized reuse for irrigation, habitat restoration, shoreline resilience, and potable uses. As a result, this report was compiled to meet the client’s environmental and legal regulations while recognizing the importance of leveraging resilient design initiatives to protect the Bay Area’s assets and adapt to future uncertainties like climate change and coastal morphology.

To access the report online, please click here.