New Orleans, Louisiana


City of New Orleans

Design Partners

Reed Hilderbrand


5 Acres


Completed 2019

About this Project

The NOMA Sculpture Garden extends Sherwood’s work on the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan to advise the City how to live with water. Located adjacent to a system of lakes, the garden runoff flows through the site via an intricate network eventually out falling into Lake Pontchartrain, making this area of city park a significant hydraulic corridor for this part of the city. Our Collaboration with NOMA and Reed Hilderbrand on a low impact development (LID) approach using stormwater best management practices resulted in a flood-able site design, which also heightens the visitor experience. The design features rain gardens and wetlands along the waterfront to cleanse the city water before being discharged into the surrounding lakes. These natural elements promote water capture, use pumps sparingly, and manage the inundation of stormwater while also amplifying visitor experience with the aesthetic and acoustic qualities of a water-centric sculpture garden.