Natalia Tapia

Natalia recently graduated from the University of Costa Rica, where she completed her studies with an emphasis on Environmental Engineering and Transportation. Her work experience includes earthworks and civil infrastructure design assistant in industrial facilities, residential condominiums, and higher education institutions. Natalia was also  a researcher in Gender and Mobility, she has collaborated with governmental and non-governmental institutions in the Diagnosis of the Infrastructure and Transport of the Brunca region of Costa Rica delivered to the International Development Bank in 2022. She worked with local governments in mobility programs to empower women and children through the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation in the city.

Fun facts: Natalia is a music lover, music producer, and singer-songwriter, she has made music for short films, documentaries, theatre, and dance performances. She loves to spend time in nature with her loved ones and her dog Canela. She loves vinyl records, vegan food, and art.