Matthew Richards

EIT | Design Engineer

Matthew attended Northeastern University, where he majored in civil engineering with an environmental focus. Following his education, he completed and passed the FE exam to become an engineer in training in the state of New York. His previous work experience includes working in municipal, engineering, and contracting roles for the City of Cambridge, MA, Hazen & Sawyer PC, and Barletta Heavy Division, Inc. Other background experience includes visual inspection/documentation, pipeline assessment, drawing, report writing, and construction management. 

Fun Facts: Matt was a decathlete in college, has 35 cousins and does stand up comedy in his spare time. 

Top Projects:

  • Aspen Pedestrian Mall | Aspen, CO
  • Habitat for Humanity | New Orleans, LA
  • Arizona State Univerity ISTB 7 | Tempe, AZ