Madeline Rons

EIT, ENV SP | Design Engineer

 As a recent Environmental Engineering graduate from Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo, Madeline’s technical background focuses on wastewater treatment, sustainable design, and water quality testing. Her primary experience was working at an algae biofuel production lab for 2 and a half years as a research supervisor. At this job, she performed water quality testing, analytical chemistry, data processing and managerial operations. During her senior year at Cal Poly, Madeline was the sustainability lead on a senior project team that designed a new wastewater treatment plant for Avila Beach which was selected out of 6 preliminary designs. She is passionate about pollution prevention through the optimization of natural resources and sustainable design.

Fun Facts: Madeline was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She loves to read and write poetry. She has been swimming in a fjord in Norway and in front of icebergs in Alaska.