Craig Clarkson

PE | Senior Engineer

Craig is passionate about creating resilient water systems through innovative and sustainable design that balances ecological needs with social equity. With an extensive background in hydrology and hydraulics, he has worked on a diverse range of projects, from large-scale master plans to site-scale stormwater practice implementation.

Craig believes in the power of natural systems to enhance the overall sustainability and functionality of projects, pushing the boundaries of traditional engineering practices. He has been involved in developing comprehensive flood risk analysis, ensuring the effective management and mitigation of both upland and riverine flooding. Additionally, he has led the design and implementation of various stormwater management systems, improving urban water quality and reducing the impact of storm events.

Fun Facts: Craig played college soccer for two years and still maintains the school record for shot percentage of 100% (2 shots and 2 goals). He’s an avid cyclist and enjoys packing down his gravel bike and towing his toddler around central Iowa’s trail systems. As a descendent of farmers, he’s passionate about soil health and native prairie restoration on his family farm and in his own backyard.