Carlos Zúñiga-Ortiz

Design Engineer

Carlos is a licensed engineer graduated from University of Costa Rica. He has developed as private consultant specialized on the field of Hydrology and Hydraulics Engineering in the past few years. His work experience includes hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of rivers for different purposes related to water bodies, such as the implantation of bridges, culverts, flood mitigation works, dissipation of erosion and scour. In addition to various reports on requests and location of venting points, proposals for rainwater delay structures for considerably large runoff events. Design and preparation of preliminary drawings for Storm Drainage Systems in streets. He has shown interest in an interdisciplinary focus on his work, having an interest in learning in different areas such as hydraulic, geotechnical, environmental, construction and project planning engineering. His work experience includes professional consulting in Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala.

Fun Facts: Carlos is an enthusiastic swimmer in pool and open water, loves hiking and trail trips and he is always up for meeting new people and languages.