Andreas Rahm

EIT | Design Engineer

Andreas Rahm received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from San Diego State University and
an A.S. in Natural Science from Santa Rosa Junior College. He has worked in engineering
and planning for the last 5 years in the Northern Bay area. Andreas worked extensively on
residential improvement plans including the fire rebuilds during the 2017 Santa Rosa fires.
During the beginning of the covid pandemic, Andreas cofounded a consulting company
that specialized in commercial cannabis land development in the Northern California Area
where he specialized in cultivation water conservation and sustainable design. Andreas is
a recent addition to the Sherwood Petaluma team and is eager to support the
environmental goals of Sherwood Design Engineers.

Fun Facts: Andreas has been playing ice hockey since he was 6 and continue to play at the Snoopy’s Ice rink in Santa Rosa. He used to work as a commercial crab fisherman. He also lived through out the north bay for a total of 10 years and currently enjoy residing near the downtown area of Petaluma.