Sherwood Internship Sept 2018

April 22, 2019

In the summer of 2018, Curtis Quirion from Halifax, Canada participated in the Internship program at Sherwood. He became a part of Sherwood’s Innovation Lab for 4 months providing research and development on our GIS capabilities within the firm. After graduating from university in at the end of 2018 with a masters in Civil Engineering and Environmental Management, he returned in January of 2019 as a full time employee. Below is a testimonials of his internship at Sherwood.

I couldn’t have found an internship more suited to my career interests than Sherwood. This became clear to me on my very first day as I was listening in on several meetings. Principles of sustainability, ecology, and water conservation were a key focus and were constantly tossed around during these meetings. It’s great to see a civil engineering firm that is so unconventional and forward thinking with their design.

 During my time at Sherwood, I was introduced to several design and spatial analysis programs that greatly expanded my knowledge and appreciation of the tools. I was often tasked to research topics with a strong environmental focus, such as urban heat island, sea level rise, flooding, and urban ecology, which gave me a more practical approach to the issues.

 It wasn’t long before I knew Sherwood was a good place to work based on the attitudes of the staff. Sherwood has a strong culture of inclusion. The people around the office are also very kind and down to earth. Bi-weekly T-Times for staff were a great place to better get to know everyone around the office and unique to any other place I’ve worked in the past.

 I had a great experience working at Sherwood. I am fortunate to have been hired and had the opportunity to get to know some of the cool staff while making significant advances to my professional career. I don’t know that I’ll find another place quite like Sherwood. It truly is an amazing place to work.”

Image: Innovation team outing at the California Academy of Science.

Left to Right: Froste Wistrom, Amelia Luna, Madeleine Craig, Josiah Cain, Catalina Alvarado, and Curtis Quirion