Meadow Residence

Sherwood collaborated with William McDonough + Partners and Bernard Trainor + Associates on this highly-sustainable and ambitious residential design project. As the civil engineer and sustainability consultant, Sherwood led the design and implementation of extensive water-reuse systems which collect and reuse over 150,000 gallons of water per year. Rainwater will be used for non-potable indoor uses such as toilet flushing and, along with the treated Blackwater, to offset irrigation demand. The final design resulted in on-site materials being used for the rammed earth walls for the buildings, concrete pours tailings being recycled into landscaping pavers, and the integration of an edible garden for communal food production. The project is targeting LEED-Platinum and is a pilot project of the Sustainable SITES initiative.

Sketches of Wastewater Treatment Strategy
Installation of  Underground Stormwater Detention Structure for Stormwater Management Onsite
LocationSanta Cruz, CA
William McDonough + Partners,
Bernard Trainor + Associates
Size5 Acres
StatusCompleted 2012

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