Fort Scott Master Plan

Sitting atop the Presidio of San Francisco, Fort Scott was built in the early 20th century as a military post separated from the rest of the Presidio. Located here are three of the most prominent historic batteries that protected the entrance to the San Francisco Bay. To aid in the upcoming renovation of the Fort Scott district, Sherwood provided sustainability consulting services for the study area to identify practical implementable infrastructure solutions. The study incorporated many aspects of the neighborhood, including water use and reuse, stormwater management, wastewater, ecology, energy, circulation, and the unique historic and cultural resources of the site. The collaboration with the various departments within the Trust – Historical, Natural, Cultural and Planning – to form a consensus on allowable systems was a means for better understanding the applicability of the alternative systems chosen.

Project Site Area
Areas of Opportunity for Water Reuse
Water Source & Storage Onsite
Birds Eye View Of Fort Scott
LocationSan Francisco, CA
ClientPresidio Trust
Size132 Acres
StatusCompleted 2009

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