A Sherwood Gallery at El Taller Opening – TOM X: A Retrospective

October 25, 2019

Last night, El Taller hosted their first gallery at the new Sherwood Design Engineers office location in the mission. The gallery opening featured TOM X: A Retrospective and included live jazz band and good company.

Tom X (b.1944-2001) was a painter from New Orleans who lived a nomadic and sporadic life in near anonymity. In 1989, he delivered the damning testimony that incarcerated his brother for the murder of their mother. In order to evade his vengeful kin, Tom adopted the last name “X,” allowing him to disappear—undetected.”

Check out photos from the event below! (All Photos – Andrew Caulfield for Drew Altizer Photography)

Werner Maassen, S. Bry Sarte, Robert Shepherd and Gary Strang

Westside Jazz

Westside Jazz

David Johnson and Kang Kiang

Grant Abrams, Tina Abrams, Jim Donald

Georgina Oram, Isabel Marvel

KD Meyers

Isabel Johnson

Emily Hunt

Kit Raven, Ellen Simmons and Jim Simmons

Isabel Marvel, Delphine Varriale and Sophie Varriale

Tai Bui and Brock Dolman

David Johnson and Kang Kiang

Pete Vafiades

Mike Bradford and Kazumi Bradford

Westside Jazz

Emily Leys and Deborah Stagg

Daniel Diaz, Ren F

Ren F

John Shellhammer, Frances Atkins and Tyson Howard

John Leys

Kit Raven

Sophie Varriale and Delphine Varriale



Madeline Craig, Catalina Alvarado, Curtis Quirion, and Courtney King

Dan Affleck, Jen Hung and Monica Way

Brad Creel, Alaine Raven and Rich Hipp

Deborah Stagg, John Leys and Emily Leys

Induma and Cleona

Andy Leahy and Courtney King

Lupin Hipp, Lorenzo Maggiore and Isabel Johnson

Carson Kerger and Rowena Lao

Edgar Dela Cruz and Nabil Salameh

Lupin Hipp and Jim Simmons

S Erika Schimik and Ciela Sarte

Jaswant Bains

Sai Narayan and Rohanna Amarnani

Katherine Rosenblum, Brad Cohn and Isabel Marvel

Fabio Siclari and Arliss Nakken

Linda Schmid and Jenny Yang

Greg Otto and Sam McGarey

Pedro Pena and Giovanni Soto

Lorenzo Maggiore, Giovanni Soto and Pedro Pena

Izzy Dela Rosa

Sam McGarey and Greg Otto

Catalina Alvarado, Madeleine Craig and Tom Bacus 

Isabel Marvel


Brett Ashton and Bijan Vakili

S. Bry Sarté, Michael Thorton

Rich Hipp, Gabriel Hipp and Lupin Hipp  Photography)

Kyle Miner and Adrienne Everheart

Stacy Umhey and Flora Tang

Jessie Levine

Patricia Akinaga, Monica Way, Jessie Levine and Alaine Raven

Jessie Levine and Alaine Raven

Grant Abrams and Jaswant Bains

Jen Hung, Amna Ansari and Dan Affleck

Bev Holland and Luciana Piccolo

Bev Holland and Fabio Siclari

Adrian Lopez

Alaine Raven, Bev Holland and Luciana Piccolo

Sam and Brendan

Emily Garcia and Pearl

Nora Mostafa, Remy Kazawa and Brittany Nagasawa

Karen Schmid and Shelly Ersig

Grant Abrams, Tina Abrams

Bev Holland

Alaine Raven and Isabel Johnson

Max Shapiro and Lisa Nasca

Ellen Simmons, Max Farlane and Bella Haywood

S. Bry Sarte, Lorenzo Maggiore and Jessie Levine

Jaswant Bains, Paula Galindo, Patricia Elizabeth, Jim Donald and Jewel McEnroy

Patricia Elizabeth

Michael Keating and S. Bry Sarte

Jim Donald

Elsa Marvel and Isabel Marvel

Lydia Horne and Michael Kreher

Paul Belger, Brittany Cane and Courtney King

Matt Niedelman

Emily Hunt

Avina McGarey, Lilli Sims and Ashruf Khan

Courtney King, Brittany Cane and Paul Belger

Gary Strang and Emily Hunt

Julia Glass and Sage Fowler

Ellen Simmons, Isabel Johnson and Kit Raven

Josiah Cain and Lorenzo Maggiore

Adrienne Eberhardt, Kyle Miner and Jessie Levine

Courtney King and Paul Belger

Carine Leys and Kendra Miles

Monica Way and Jen Hung

Gary Strang

Emily Hunt and Gabriel Kaprielian

Emily Hunt and Emily Garcia

David Beaupre, S. Bry Sarte and Gary Strang

Ellen Simmons

Lupin Hipp, Ellen Simmons and Isabel Johnson

Lupin Hipp, Ellen Simmons and Isabel Johnson

Jim Simmons, Gabriel Hipp, Lupin Hipp, Rich Hipp, Ellen Simmons, Isabel Johnson and Brad Creel

Lupin Hipp, Isabel Johnson and Alaine Raven

Lupin Hipp, Isabel Johnson and Alaine Raven

Ellen Simmons

Isabel Johnson and Ellen Simmons

Isabel Johnson and Ellen Simmons

Alaine Raven