Gladys Ferrero

MS, EIT | Design Engineer

Gladys earned her Bachelor’s Degree from UC Davis in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Being an LA native, Gladys was inspired to continue her education to earn a M.S. Degree from UCLA after learning about water resources at UC Davis and seeing the potential LA has for better water management. She earned her M.S. Degree in the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Program. Her projects were focused on green and complete streets, stormwater management, and redevelopment of existing water ways in Los Angeles. Her experience includes developing innovative solutions to stormwater management for both residential and large scale commercial projects as well as hydrology studies for undeveloped projects.

Fun Facts: Gladys set a goal for herself when she was 18 to visit somewhere new at least once a year. Since then, she has consistently met her goal and created unforgettable memories along the way.  Her two small dogs also travel with her and her husband – whenever pets are allowed. Gladys was an intern for NASA while she was in community college. She also worked on PIXL, a science instrument on the 2020 Perseverance Rover, currently on it’s way to Mars!