Frances Atkins

LEED Green Associate | Design Engineer

Frances Atkins was first introduced to Sherwood when she was 10-years-old observing the design and construction of Chartwell’s LEED Platinum campus (one of Sherwood’s first projects.) She was often found playing in the rainwater catchment system that Sherwood designed – a system that spurred a deeply derived passion to pursue resilient design and development. Many years later, Frances graduated from Cornell University, where she developed her own curriculum studying methods of engineering, architecture, urban planning and how humans interact with the built environment. Full circle, she now joins Sherwood as a Designer working on similar grading, drainage, and stormwater management projects that originally inspired her. She spent a couple years developing her fundamental engineering skills at a small firm in Prescott, Arizona, where she helped conceptualize, design, and draft site improvement projects ranging from residential homes to college campuses. 

Fun Fact: Frances spent much of her childhood on her grandparents’ dairy farm in Upstate New York, and as a child considered herself a cow whisperer and master egg collector. She hopes one day to utilize her natural farming talents and own a farm of her own, raising Bison and growing native flowers.

Top Projects:

  • Aetna Springs | Pope Valley, CA
  • Maha Guenoc | Lake County, CA
  • Sunnyvale Civic Center | Sunnyvale, CA