Everard Findlay

Global Systems Strategist

Founder of Everard Findlay LLC, Everard is a globally recognized thought-leader with over 20 years of professional experience. In each of his projects, Everard is actively engaged with the client and their communities to help promote alignment and achieve healthy economic, environmental, and social growth. He has successfully designed and supervised the implementation of projects domestically and internationally. Everard provides brand development strategies in both the private and public sectors. He merges branding with social innovation to support and bolster local communities for a variety of clients including: countries, regions, cities, corporations, recording and visual artists, Ivy-league universities, and foundations.

In 2018, Everard began overseeing the branding and repositioning of The Platform and its 500M Detroit real-estate development portfolio making it a large component in the redevelopment of the City of Detroit. His work at The Platform ranges from cultural events to architectural revival and sustainable implementation. Throughout his work, Everard has brought people together to foster positive relationships and incite revolutionary urban progress. One of the notable results of his efforts is the revitalization of the historic Fisher Building into a community asset promoting creative expression and dialogue across Detroit’s under-served neighborhoods.