Green Streets Design Guidebook - San Mateo County, California
As part of a two-phase effort to reduce the harmful impacts of automobiles in San Mateo County, Sherwood Design Engineers along with Nevue Ngan of Portland, Oregon was contracted to develop a stormwater design guidebook and associated demonstration projects showcasing urban applications of landscape-based stormwater treatment practices. These projects demonstrate how landscape techniques like bioswales, biofiltration gardens, and planter boxes can be incorporated into a city's stormwater system to remove as much as 90% of the oil drippings, copper particles, anti-freeze, and rubber left behind by cars. The Sustainable Green Streets and Parking Lots Design Guidebook, recently awarded the 2009 Innovation in Green Community Planning Award by APA California, showcases these stormwater BMPs for municipalities to use in planning new and revitalizing existing urban streets and parking lots to achieve multiple water quantity and quality benefits.

  Better Streets Plan - San Francisco, California
Sherwood has worked closely with a leading team of consultants, the San Francisco Mayor's office of City Greening, the Department of Public Works, the Planning Department and the Public Utilities Commission to develop a comprehensive vision to improve the pedestrian and environmental quality of San Francisco's streets. With our expertise in Urban Stormwater Management, we are helping reform the City's existing streetscape design standards. This project aims to see San Francisco reach its highest potential for livability and serve as an international model for exceptional urban community and environmental design.

  Urban Forest Master Plan - San Francisco, California
Working with a diverse project team, including EDAW Landscape Architects, the Friends of the Urban Forest and the San Francisco Planning Department, Sherwood collaborated on this innovative project to examine strategies to protect, manage, and expand the Urban Forest of San Francisco. We provided quantitative analysis of the ecological benefits of the Urban Forest as it relates to stormwater, energy, air quality, CO2 sequestration and pollutant filtration. The project aims to continue San Francisco's tradition of pioneering innovative, environmentally conscious programs, and sets an example for metropolitan areas around the globe.

Image credit: SF Planning Dept
  Cesar Chavez Streetscape - San Francisco, California
In coordination with a major capital improvement project to install a new sewer line, the San Francisco Department of Planning is leading an effort to re-envision the Cesar Chavez streetscape from Hampshire to Guerrero Streets in the Mission District. The design process involves multiple City agencies, including the Public Utilities Commission, Department of Public Works, and Municipal Transit Authority. Concentrating on green street and stormwater management feasibility and cost-effectiveness, Sherwood Design Engineers evaluated three alternative design concepts, each with the goal of improving the pedestrian and citizen experience through employment of better crosswalks, wider sidewalks, improved lighting, native landscaping, more trees, stormwater management and ecological restoration.
  Mission Streetscape - San Francisco, California
The San Francisco Department of Planning has developed a Mission Streetscape Plan to provide vision and guidance for both small and large scale projects that aim to transform the neighborhood by improving pedestrian safety and comfort, expanding the network of green space in the neighborhood, and incorporating stormwater management function into the streetscape. The Plan was developed through a community-based planning process to identify and facilitate improvement opportunities for streets, sidewalks and public spaces in one of the city's most cherished neighborhoods. Sherwood Design Engineers developed design details for six different prototype green street stormwater management BMP's, and also developed presentation materials for public meetings that demonstrated those BMP's used in combination on actual streets in the Mission District.

Image credit: Rogers Marvel
  Gowanus Green - New York City, New York
Sherwood Design Engineers has been working with Rogers Marvel Architects on the Gowanus Green, a 7-acre brownfield redevelopment project along the Gowanus Canal that will bring a new mixed use development to life on a former industrial site. Sherwood's role is as environmental sustainability consultant and green streets and stormwater specialist; ensuring that natural systems are integrated with the site engineering concepts and creating water features that both are aesthetically pleasing and provide water treatment before discharging stormwater to the Gowanus Canal. Sherwood aims to help restore the canal as well as educate the public through the water features; while ultimately restoring the neighborhood's connection to the waterfront.

Image credit: Blackbird Architects
  Santa Monica Borderline - Santa Monica, California
Sherwood worked to complete the design of a multi-block green streets project located at the edge of Santa Monica’s border with Venice, CA. The design implements a woonerf style livable street by incorporating multifunctional urban stormwater best management practices as well as low impact design philosophies into a pedestrian friendly design. Sherwood focused its efforts on making this alternative streetscape a reality by working to develop the design, from concept through construction documentation, as well as determining the cost and maintenance implications for the City of Santa Monica. A highlight of this project was Sherwood’s design to manage all stormwater runoff from the site using hardscape infiltration areas and plantings with no conventional piped stormwater infrastructure. The design represents a critical component of the Santa Monica Sustainable City Plan to realize a better city for its citizens.

Image credit: Joni Janecki & Associates
  San Antonio Streetscape - Los Altos, California
One of the Bay Area's largest green streets projects, the City of Los Altos Hills has undertaken a project to rejuvenate a major commercial corridor along one half mile of San Antonio Road, a four-lane arterial accommodating auto, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic. The project also includes a large parking lot servicing the area's retail and office space. Sherwood Design Engineers developed designs and strategies to mitigate high levels of vehicular traffic, frequent curb cuts, extensive utility conflicts, and restrictively narrow sidewalks. Sherwood also developed detailed designs for stormwater BMP's including stormwater flow-through planters, tree wells, and bioretention gardens, and performed cost estimation as a means to identify the optimal redevelopment alternative. The final redevelopment design enhances the visual character, improves pedestrian and vehicular paths of travel, increases public safety, and incorporates sustainable design principles such as landscape-based stormwater management BMP's along the road and within the parking lot.