Santa Rosa, California


Community Housing Sonoma County

Design partners

Wolff Contracting Fritz Architecture


14 Homes 300 SF Each


Completed 2018

About this Project

In Sonoma County, there are currently over 400 homeless veterans. Community Housing Sonoma County led the sustainable community development of 14 tiny homes for the Veterans Village project in Santa Rosa. Sherwood joined the project team to provide civil engineering services. These services included creating a grading design that optimized the balance between reducing the earthwork effort and minimizing the amount of fill that needed to be brought onto the site; a drainage design that uses natural, passive stormwater solutions and mimics ecological techniques while lowering project and long-term maintenance costs; a Stormwater Low Impact Development (LID) report that met the requirements of local agencies; a utility design that neatly tied into the existing City infrastructure; and an Erosion Control Plan that aided the contractor in following stormwater best management practices on the site during construction. Veterans Village has been a huge success for homeless veteran’s in Sonoma County, with 14 veterans moved in January 2019.