Santa Cruz, California


University of California, Santa Cruz

Design partners

Mithun PAE Engineers


10 Acres


Planning Completed 2017

About this Project

The Student Housing West project included evaluation of a mostly undeveloped site adjacent to Kresge and Porter Colleges for development of a new housing community. As part of an interdisciplinary team, Sherwood conducted extensive analyses of existing topography, geology, utility systems, habitat, and drainage patterns in order to identify preferred locations for development that would achieve project goals while reducing impacts to sensitive areas and staying within established budgets. This project required close collaboration with campus engineers in order to identify required upgrades to existing utility infrastructure and design new connections that would function with minimal operational costs. Sustainable strategies proposed included a water “hub” that would collect, treat, and distribute collected stormwater to Student Housing West, Kresge, and Porter Colleges, thereby meeting stormwater mitigation requirements while simultaneously reducing use of potable water for non-potable demands.