Houston, Texas



Design Partners

Johnson Fain 

Hargreaves Associates 


15,000+ Acres


Design Phase

About this Project

Sherwood is collaborating with a large, multi-disciplinary team for the planning and implementation of a 15,000-plus acre “next-generation” development west of Houston, Texas. The forward-thinking client is developing the property in an unconventional manner compared with neighboring communities – one that is future-ready, independent, resilient, and ensures natural hydrological flows and local environmental concerns are mitigated, while creating a beautiful legacy for his family. The region’s most pressing environmental concerns are flooding and subsidence due to groundwater extraction. Sherwood and the design team have developed complex grading schemes to allow for floodplain development, while ensuring food elevations do not increase for surrounding areas. The firm’s expertise in water reuse strategies has produced a master plan with reuse of captured stormwater and treated wastewater effluent to decrease the demand on the potable water aquifer and mitigate subsidence. In addition to innovative utility systems such as low-impact-development stormwater management, passive wastewater treatment, and energy recovery systems are conceptualized for the independent project utility provider.