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San Francisco State University

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About this Project

Sherwood Design Engineers was the lead designer on a comprehensive infrastructure master plan for the San Francisco State University Campus. This was developed in coordination with the Campus’ physical master plan led by SWA Group. The infrastructure systems designed included potable and fire water, sewage conveyance and wastewater treatment, non-potable water, stormwater management, low impact development and infiltration facilities, electricity and solar PV, district mechanical plants, and telecommunications. The design was informed by SFSU’s sustainable development framework which targets carbon neutrality, net zero energy and sustainable, closed-loop water systems. These goals were carried throughout the design process along with site specific approaches that support the physical plan and reflect the University’s vision and values. The master plan further helped the University resolve issues around easements, system capacities, deferred maintenance, and flood risk. Finally, as part of this master plan, a deep financial analysis was prepared to calculate the net present value of the proposed sustainable infrastructure systems and inform the University of pathways to finance and implement the master plan.