San Jose, California


Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Design Partners

Office of Cheryl Barton



70 Acres

About this Project

Led by Office of Cheryl Barton, Sherwood worked with the design team on the development and first phase implementation of this 50-year master plan. During the master plan phase, Sherwood acted as master civil engineer, working toward long-term sustainable solutions for water conservation and reuse, central plant utilities, stormwater management, and the integration of green infrastructure into the landscape and circulation design.

The first phase projects, which includes the redesign of streets, parking areas, pedestrian paths, and utilities, is the heart of the campus being re-envisioned to include an authentic landscape that promotes place-making and performative landscapes. The site’s inherent slope, accessibility and space constraints made decentralized stormwater treatment and management difficult to achieve while allowing for efficient and economical maintenance strategies, so Sherwood was challenged with finding a solution that accomplished the campus’s sustainability goals and aesthetic goals simultaneously. Within the utilitarian heart of the campus, a bioretention area was developed with the capacity to manage all of the project’s stormwater treatment needs plus an additional amount that will serve as a credit for future development. Since direct conveyance of the proposed project area into this bioretention basin was not an option, an existing stormwater lift station that conveys a much larger watershed of street runoff will be modified to divert an equivalent volume of runoff into the basin. This diverted runoff would inherently be a more contaminated runoff volume than a typical building or pedestrian surface otherwise requiring treatment by code.