San Mateo County, California


San Mateo County

Design Partners

Nevue Ngan Associates


County Wide


Completed 2009

About this Project

As part of a two-phase effort to reduce the harmful impacts of automobiles in San Mateo County, Sherwood Design Engineers along with Nevue Ngan of Portland, Oregon was contracted to develop a stormwater design guidebook and associated demonstration projects showcasing urban applications of landscape-based stormwater treatment practices. These projects demonstrate how landscape techniques like bioswales, biofiltration gardens, and planter boxes can be incorporated into a city’s stormwater system to remove as much as 90% of the oil drippings, copper particles, anti-freeze, and rubber left behind by cars. The Sustainable Green Streets and Parking Lots Design Guidebook, recently awarded the 2009 Innovation in Green Community Planning Award by APA California, showcases these stormwater BMPs for municipalities to use in planning new and revitalizing existing urban streets and parking lots to achieve multiple water quantity and quality benefits.