Los Altos, California


City of Los Altos

Design Partners

Joni L. Janecki & Associate


8 Blocks


Completed 2013

About this Project

One of the Bay Area’s largest green streets projects, the City of Los Altos Hills has undertaken a project to rejuvenate a major commercial corridor along one half mile of San Antonio Road, a four-lane arterial accommodating auto, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic. The project also includes a large parking lot servicing the area’s retail and office space. Sherwood Design Engineers developed designs and strategies to mitigate high levels of vehicular traffic, frequent curb cuts, extensive utility conflicts, and restrictively narrow sidewalks. Sherwood also developed detailed designs for stormwater BMP’s including stormwater flow-through planters, tree wells, and bioretention gardens, and performed cost estimation as a means to identify the optimal redevelopment alternative. The final redevelopment design enhances the visual character, improves pedestrian and vehicular paths of travel, increases public safety, and incorporates sustainable design principles such as landscape-based stormwater management BMP’s along the road and within the parking lot.