New Orleans, Louisiana


City of New Orleans

Design Partners

Waggonner & Ball Architects


25 Acres


Design Phase

About this Project

Sherwood is working closely with an international design team covering concept, design, construction and monitoring to create a functional and beautiful landscape. Mirabeau incorporates green infrastructure techniques that collect, store, convey and filter the stormwater from one of the most impacted stormwater systems in the City of New Orleans. The water stored within the park will offset flooding within the watershed, while helping to restore the groundwater elevations in an area of the City that has experienced much subsidence over the recent years. It will revitalize the surrounding neighborhoods by providing a public open space for education and recreation. The design evolved from the development of the Urban Water Plan which focuses on the forward thinking approach of how a city will live with water in the future. Additionally, this work involved an extensive public outreach program aimed at accommodating the needs of the neighborhood with a focus on educating the public on the benefit of such a performative and resilient park. Ultimately the parks operation will be controlled and manipulated based on on-going monitoring of groundwater systems both at the site and in the neighborhood making for a dynamic green space that will be responsive of its environment.