Houston, Texas


Memorial Park Conservancy Uptown TIRZ

Design Partners

Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architecture


1500 Acres


Completed 2014

About this Project

The Memorial Park Master Plan is a project born out of the need to rejuvenate one of Houston’s most loved green spaces after years of public use and damage suffered from extreme weather events such as droughts and Gulf Coast storms. The Memorial Park consists of 1500 acres of pine forest, meadow grasses, oak forest and deep ravines. In 2011, Houston suffered a severe drought that damaged the poorly maintained forest and more than half of the trees were irrevocably damaged.

In 2013, Sherwood Design Engineers embarked on a year-long Masterplan process with Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects to envision the future of the park. Our work involved creating stormwater management strategies that reuse stormwater for irrigation by redirecting existing collection points and retaining water for later use. We also developed suggestions to mitigate erosion on the adjacent Buffalo Bayou, and proposed Low Impact Development techniques to retain water and help native ecologies flourish. Key challenges included designing for Texas’s extreme weather fluctuations and the region’s widening gap between rain events.