Project: Paso Robles Specific Plan



Paso Robles Specific Plan

Location: Paso Robles, California 

Sherwood Design Engineers worked with Moule & Polyzoides to develop a Specific Plan for the City of El Paso de Robles to improve transportation systems and to make the town more sustainable by reducing carbon emissions and water use. Our efforts included improving street design to increase walkability, increasing the efficiency of the town’s stormwater system, as well as measures to restore the local river and improve the health of the city’s watershed. At the heart of our plan is the call to create an “urban creek” by daylighting a stream near the town center. By making the living stream a part of the street system, we improve air quality, calm traffic, provide access to nature, and develop a shaded green zone in the town center that will spur community and economic development.

Image Credit: Moule & Polyzoides