Project: Tianjin Eco-City


Tianjin Eco-City

Location: Tianjin, China

In northeast China, 60 miles south of Beijing, Sherwood performed green infrastructure and sustainable site design services for a 350 unit residential community in the city of Tianjin. The community is situated on 45 acres of land abutting an existing golf course and the Jiyun River. Here Sherwood performed high performance site design engineering related to layout, materials, grading, drainage, and utilities. The heavily depleted aquifer and saline soils in this area require a particular focus on methods for water conservation and reuse. To this end, Sherwood identified opportunities to pursue these strategies and develop a detailed water balance to quantify their benefits. The stormwater management strategy is heavily focused on water storage and reuse as well as an opportunity for landscape and ecological enhancement.

Image Credit: Genlser