Project: Croton Water Treatment Plant


Croton Water Treatment Plant

Location: New York, NY

The Croton Water Treatment Plant is the largest public infrastructure contract ever undertaken in New York City’s history. In addition to treating the primary supply of drinking water to the City, the project includes an advanced stormwater management design aimed at collecting site groundwater and stormwater flows for irrigation and other on-site re-uses. This unique design not only collects the water but also treats it in a series of perimeter wetland cells, which help to enhance the project aesthetic while also creating a native wetland habitat. Sherwood has coordinated with the design team and local agencies to ensure the achievement of two key project goals: minimize discharge of site water into New York City’s combined sewer, and reduce potable water use through re-use of retained stormwater and groundwater. This work involved hydraulic and hydrologic design, close coordination with environmental and landscape architecture consultants with respect to wetland cell planning, and overall civil site design of parking and landscape areas.

Image Credit: Grimshaw Architects